A beautiful demon with bright eyes under my leopard printed spectacles and a pretty jovial smile below it.

 Just a nomadic teenage girl figuring out things and still wondering about my  life; trying to reveal my worth bit by bit. 

I love to give other names than my birth one, to my crunchy self!

Day dreamer and night thinker yielding tangled thoughts.A nocturnal person slightly dependent on cold coffee and largely on black tea.

You can say;

“I’m a bit of a night owl because that’s when I feel the most creative and alive. I feel like the world is a bit more mine when everyone is asleep.”

An avid reader with a wild passion of writing. Blessing or curse, whatever it may be…but victim of a curious mind that has got more tangled thoughts than the locks in my hairs!

You will often find me tapping my feet upon the floor and scribbling on a paper. Wandering under the black sky as water drops fall by. A pounding heart that never beats normal and a severe anxiety always bubbling inside. The urge to breathe drives me into writing.

Meanwhile celebrating girlhood and trying to get heard by raising my thoughts as soon as I get myself out the loads of biological concepts and physical assignments. Not sorry for writing too bloviate.