Bewildered by the chaos that time often makes, the sky was brightly and colossally grey. A stroke of orange ran across it and a Tint of pink was glittering on the edges. this atemporal scene showcasing the reflection of heaven. the stroke of some hidden sunlight drenched in the ink of sky just looked liked somebody accidentally spilled some paint over a blank blue canvas. Or Might be something like when the painter magically works out a brilliant stroke with all the correct proportions of colors carefully blended. I wonder over this pretense in utter amazement. The pretense that pulled me into a vortex of comfort where I forgot how to fake a smile and my eyes couldn’t help but sparkle. the same scene that has enchanted a lot of people, has also been effortlessly ignored by the other whole lot. the more I stare at it, the more I make threads in my mind. I bet , it can’t be a carefully planned and calculated stroke. it’s clear that pre-planned things are sometimes perfect but they lack the beauty of randomness. Oh well, in my view, Perfect things aren’t beautiful. this might be just a consequence of nature’s innocence  or it might be some coincidence.  some things are only yielded by mistakes.  I picture, of an artist in my mind.  He is probably captured in his own thoughts and dillemmas. His sighs are making the atmosphere cold.  amid all this uncertainty, He accidentally yet beautifully enhances a certain piece of art. see? that’s how mistakes are meant to beautify life by playing their own game. effortlessly and simply.