What is this feeling, when you feel so safe and peaceful. In your bed, on a cold day. It’s a holiday and you are in your soft, warm & cozy bed. Yeah same, feeling like heaven. So safe and protected. It’s one of the best feeling, no insecurities and no fear just pure comfort. The lavishing feeling of this warmth, is not something to trade. It still is second to the one you feel after realizing that your love is being reciprocated. Obviously that’s the best feeling in the world.

 Then, being the reason of their smile, whose smile means the world to you. Knowing that you are the reason behind their genuine giggling , yes the genuine one. 

In the morning when they cross your mind, you feel like your head is in the clouds, proudly screaming out to the world. When you are talking to them and you feel like laughing so hard because it all comes naturally. You put your hand over your face to hide that, but guess what? They won’t let you. They will hold your hand and put it over their heart and let you laugh, open and free. They’ll embrace your flawed but perfect smile and you don’t have to hide this genuine gesture. Sometimes their eyes would whisper a hundred thousand secrets and you’ll just cherish their ecstacy. For the eyes are pure, gentle and they can’t portray something less than the truth.

What about the feeling you get amid some awkward converstaions, where you both are sitting in your balcony, the weather is just the right amount of cold and the wind carries the sillage of smoke in it. When you both laugh at your own weirdness, embrace each other, talk about from everything to nothing in particular, the comfortable pauses in between, yes the  silence that  makes it sound real. For some things are not said, they are just felt. 

The best feeling is knowing, all of this is not something unrequited or a mere infatuation. The best feeling is being sure of the validity of this reciprocated unconditional love. That’s raw and gentle at the very same time.

 When you want to be there for them on their bad day, to hold them. Keep them from falling apart and recollecting their soul, bit by bit. For some things are really fragile and not everyone knows how to take care of them. Knowing that you can handle them, is another best feeling. Accepting them with all their doubts, thoughts, insecurities, beliefs, their interests, their musings, their rants , their obsessions and their miseries, their demons. Falling for them means falling for all their obscenities too. The best feeling is when you have a tiring and bad day, all what you need is a break. Your break is only they ! Their smile can enlighten you, their eyes will melt your heart; million times a day. Their voice calling your name will be your favourite song of all time. Hence you’ll feel so comfortable talking to them just like you feel on a Sunday morning, when you are curled up in bed, the golden rays piercing through your window and you don’t want to leave your bed ever. You feel all the very safe, protected and comfortable. It’s the best feeling. At the end, you have to get up and leave your safe heaven ; to grow and to live. May be somethings aren’t there forever. They are just meant to be their for some time. Hence this time would mean like centuries. Sometimes  this is all what you need. Good things don’t last long, you probably  know this. Good memories do, they are always there to help you all through your life.