*Little things*Happiness is verily the outcome of little things of life, often ignored yet the most cherished ones. Like the smell of soil after rain, the giggles of a child, chocolates? Yeah. Smiling at random strangers, laughing at yourself when you see in the mirror. Tell yourself, “There’s a whole life for being a jerk, just take one day off. ” Happiness lies ardently in the abyss of a contented heart. Take time, reflect and learn to accept yourself, tell me your OWN name whenever I ask about your ‘first love’ because your heart deserves it virgin, before the world. For Happiness lies in sprouting buds, late night conversations, hiding your blunders, putting the last night effort in your exam, the warmth of your bed on a cold sunday, the flow of coffee down your throat on a crisp evening, the aroma of freshly baked cake, in the layers of lasagna, in the tempting drink that you hold. Happiness is knowing someone smiled because of you. It’s all about the felicity which stays even when you don’t , right? Nobody stays, only memories last, feelings wander and nostalgia lingers. In the end, all dies. Except abstract.Wait. Happiness is this sun smoothly fading into a mere darkness, carefully leaving it’s orange tint over the horizon, as I click the final fragements of it’s ecstacy. Hapiness is there, where you find it. Where you perceive it, make it, discover it and produce it. Moreover hapiness is right inside you, deeply embedded onto your heart. Hapiness is in you, hapiness is you!