Sometimes when we are tired of trying, tired of struggling and waiting & when all the hope and all the positivity suddenly vanishes. We wish to quit!

There’s a void inside us, silently wishing and asking for more. Unfortunately, the brain shows it a dismal portrayal of locked possibilities, ignorant crowds, sharp cliffs and rocky paths with no turns. These voids then become more hollow, the screams of the soul continue to echo in them. The human body just sink deep down in despair.
Suddenly this illuminated world becomes irritating, it’s hustle turns silent. At such times we just wish to get lost just ignoring the fact that being alive is no less than a blessing.

The worth of safety is only realized when you had suffered the curse of calamity. Again, the taste of hapiness only pleases if you have tasted pain before.

When I feel like having such times, I just recall how many times I have been lucky(as people say) to be alive. How many times I’ve struggled, how many times I’ve not given up and how many times I’ve stood up.

In your life too, if you turn some pages back… You’ll realize how many times you have been saved from tragedies.

I am doing same right now. Sometimes a revival and revisit to the past is all what you need.

Your past made you into who you are now. Don’t let it haunt you, make peace with it.

I just happen to remeber a sequence where I was stuck in the middle of nowhere, between this world and that. My conscience wanted me to stay in the soully world. While my curiosity urged me to get into this world. ‘After all, our curiosity, desires and wishes are more powerful than our conscience and will!’

At last, I was welcomed to this world, though not warmly. With those huge dreams and a little heart. Never knew that I would always want to go back, never thought I would repent on my desicion of entering in this land of illusion where breathing cupboards would be walking on and ruling this land.

At times like these you just need to remember some good old moments. Everytime you were lucky or considered yourself close to that. I know there are many moments like these in your own life so I don’t need to tell much. Search them all, remember those times you have felt lucky and blessed.

Next time, you feel low, underratted and worthless. When life seems to be a serie of constant blunders, just count your blessings and ignore the blemishes. Re live all your safe moments, cherish your childhood memories. Bring that felecity back into today. Make your past strengthen you and make you prepared for your future. Your past is
what made you “who” you are now. So don’t let it haunt you, make peace with it. Grow with it and grow out of it. Just remember you are not alone in this, you are loved by people around you. If not all, then one…In the end God always loves his creation more than anything. Stand up, love yourself first and then love others. Be happy and spread happiness. Happiness is contagious, thus pass it on and share for, there were days when you needed it, and someone shared theirs with you. 

Love to all those who are trying to live again, Cheers!