via Daily Prompt: Realize

When I finally stood up,

wiped off my tears. Tied up my hair.

I gathered my body, stood up

put my heart back in place.

Cleaned the convulsions of my mind, straightened up my soul.

I realized, I am alone.

I’ll fight alone, they are no longer there to hold my hand,

They did enough. They will only push me to hell now.

I searched my journals, turned pages.

Looked into all, one after one.

Only to find weepings and rantings, scribbled with blood.

I realized…in the past 8 years, there wasn’t a single laugh marked.

All I found were tears that washed the time written with grey ink.

And my smiles after midnight, yes! Struggles of pretending to smile.

I realized, I was alone. Everyone of us is.

I repented, bowed down.

As I realized I have a booked apartment

waiting deep down the city, in solitude.

My head kissed the ground and the last tear

moistened it, whispering in the name of God.