I believe on this strictly and also tell to those friends who want to know about me a bit more,

“You never know me until you have stayed up with me till 4 A.M.”

Days are always there,

Ready to be displaced.

People are always here,

Waiting to be replaced.

Nothing is eternal on this road

It has to end one way or anyway.

They all leave and go on board

Nobody stays until the end of the day.

Yes, here it is when we mistake

Trying to live in our own fate.

Always kept trying, but seems fake.

They have to be with us, wide awake.

You’ll never know them until you,

Until you were holding hands,

Wide awake after midnight dew…

Trying harder to deeply cut the bands.

~dedicated to those late night confessions. When we feel tired of pretending and the real inner person comes out of us who was behind the mask,  the entire day.

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Maybe its a magic or the darkness. Maybe its the silence or the stillness, don’t know but surely there is something; some magic. 

I don’t know if others also felt this way.Feel free to tell you felt the same. I hope I am not alone in feeling this magic under the dark sheet of stillness.

All rights reserved, 22-07-16.